Help with Attacks

My councilor gave me a plan to help when you feel an attack coming on or in a full blown panic attack

Find an object or focus on one from memory Then using each of your 5 Senses (Sight Smell Touch Hear &Taste) Ask 3 questions about your object Example: What would it taste like~~How would it Smell ~ What would it feel like.....It truly helps me focus on something else besides all the feelings of my body & mind wondering Ps of course I still use the DARE program too I Hope this helps πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Always remember This Too Will Pass

**And I do suggest you write this down because if you are like me and I'm in a Full attack It is hard to think!!!

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  • Hi Lvumor, my therapist has done that with me several times. She called it "grounding". It did work.

  • Have you read DARE A New Way To End Anxiety by Barry McDonagh? His book has helped me tremendously!! And the Dare Apps are great I listen to them daily Good Luck with your journey!

  • Lvumor, yes I have read DARE, good book. Wish you well also...

  • Message me if u ever need a helping hand πŸŒˆπŸ’› We are all in this together

  • Thank you, I will. x

  • Distraction technique.Very unusual as the massive percentage of distractions involve placing your attention on something in the OUTSIDE world,NOT your own mind,body,or emotions.

    I think,whatever you focus on is actually irrelevant,the relevant power is become totally involved . Sounds like an excellent and unusual technique connected to N.L.P.

    I find the best thing is doing something with my hands that also involve me having to think.So computer games are great,or tidying up.

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