hyperaware ocd? anxiety?

Hey I keep getting focused on strange discomfiting sensations on my body. I see some people have similar symptoms except their focus is on breathing, blinking etc. Mine is A focused feelong/ sensation of a part of the body scar on forehead, knees, crown of head. If you could name this or know of ways I can treat this it would be much appreciated.


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  • It's called health anxiety . . People with anxiety tend to feel every ache pain weird sensation in there body our brain starts thinking the worst and then we go into fight or flight mode .. just know your ok and your body just intensifies it due to worry and anxiety . .

  • Thank you. I do have heal Health anxiety but have never had it quote like this thank you. You have pit my mind at ease

  • I have this during heightened times of stress. Sometimes I feel like my throat is closing and I can feel it every time I swallow or my heart will pound so hard I feel like it's moving the cushion on my bed. These are all very normal symptoms associated with anxiety. The best thing to remember is that these sensations cannot harm you. Good luck.

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