Anxiety and ocd

I thunk I have had anxiety since I can remember but since I thunk around coroner last year it has got worse I can't go into big shops or go into pretty much anywhere other than mone ans my fiances flat and my mum and dads house it's getting to the point where it's taking jvee my life it has improved from how it was before Christmas but it has changed to the fact that I can't go into places because of the feat of fainting or passing out I think I have health anxiety and I have been diagnosed with ocd I was going to cbt bit my brother died recently and my aint died too weels after so my attention was shifted so they said they didn't think it was the right time for me I was missing appointment mainly die to the fact that I was worried about going into the building and passing out or fainting I have panic attacks sometimes and have been put on propanolol and sertraline is there any advice anyone can give me on some self help I have been checked out by the doctors more than a couple of times I was going to the doctors sometimes a couple of times a week and they it is anxiety and ocd I want to take back control of my life please can anyone help thank you


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  • Hello

    So sorry you are suffering at the moment but you are not alone with how you feel and hopefully knowing that will help a little bit as we can feel like we are the only person in the world suffering with this till we meet others that know exactly how we are feeling

    I understand ocd I suffer myself and one thing I can promise you is that if we don't get help and learn how to reverse the pattern of thinking we have got into it will get worse so I can totally understand and so sorry for your losses that you had to put cbt on hold but I would strongly suggest you put yourself first now and go back and ask to be referred again as well as the medication you are talking this will be one huge step in getting yourself back and your life without having to live in fear , you could also ask to be referred to a phycolgist who are also very good with people with ocd but whichever this is what I would do :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thank you very much for your reply it means a lot to know that j am not on my own in this situation sometimes the physical symptoms of anxiety worry me and maybe that is why I worry about passing out and fainting so much thank you very much xxxx

  • Hi Megan1997. You seem like you have the same thing I have. Anxiety and agarophobia. I don't go places because I have the save fear. I was diagnosed with agarophobia. I know exactly how you feel, you are not alone . I use to take propranolol too. I know take valium 30 minutes before I go somewhere, which is to the doctor, I rarely go any where else. I also take Lexapro daily. I'm sorry for your lost. I lost my son and the doctor thinks this is how my situation got started. Take care.

  • Thank you for the reply I'm aorry for the loss of your son I also sometimes feel like my throat is getting tight as well do you feel like that sometimes how is your medication working for you and you take care top

  • MEGAN1997, my throat use to feel like it was closing up, and like I couldn't swallow. It has gotten a little better. That came from my anxiety and allergies. My medications are ok, I guess. It probably would work better if I take it like I suppose to. I only take half, because I don't like taking meds, and I am afraid of the side effects. You take care as well.

  • I am the same I only take half my medication because of worrying about side effects your not alone I do the same thing

  • Megan1997, make sure your meds are not time release before you break them, and always check with pharmacy before you break them also.

  • My doctors are aware I worry about taking medications so I am on liquid propranolol and a tablet of serra line I break that in half and dissolve it in water which I think my doctor is aware about thank you for you replies if you ever need a chat im here

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