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Haven't wrote a post in a while but I have just suffered one of the worst panic attacks ive had in a while, basically I heard a nice like something was trying to push against my door so I got really scared begged partner to take a look turns out it was just a rubbish bag pushing against the door anyways partner has started to use my anxiety against me and every time hes heard a noise and things trying to make out there's a ghost of something now I'm terrified and darent sleep whilst hes fucking snoring away, sorry for long post I'm just fuming and didn't know where to turn! Thank you!

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Wow, well I probably​ would have been scared to that is normal . I'm sorry you had a panic attack tho. I used to get them alot. . You know anxiety comes on threw frustration to and the worst thing ever is when someone close to us don't understand it or don't care to. Or just gets mean about it . Every body gets anxiety at some point weather it's a disorder or just anxiety now and then . But remember this when you have a panic attack that you can not die from it or anxiety your body actually speeds up when in panic mode .. if you were dieing it would slow way down. That info saved me from ever having a panic attack again. I learned to calm myself with posative thinking . And never had one again .. do I have anxiety still some times I do but it's comes then just goes. I hope that that info helps you like it helped me ..


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