Nightsweats everyday.. worried this might be cancer

I've been experiencing nightsweats and nap sweats(naps are worse) for probably about 8 months or more. Every day. Until today I didn't really think about it but after discussing this with my dad because my pajamas stinked from all the sweat and that he told me to get checked out I am freaking out that this might be cancer. I take sertraline 25 mg and have been on this medicine for 5 years. So I doubt its the medication since I've only had night sweats for 8 months and medicine I've been on for 5 years. Even if I go to my doctor she usually just tells me to change my appetite and stuff and doesn't really do any tests. What can I do? I hope I don't have cancer


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3 Replies

  • Hi Heruga, This is called "stress sweat" which comes and goes due to our anxiety. At one time, I had the same thing during the night as well as naptime. The odor of stress sweat is different than normal sweat. That's probably what you dad was talking about. Sleeping in a cool room with a light blanket may help some. Try not to worry, it is just another one of the many symptoms of anxiety. Since I've been off my medication, I no longer have the sweats when sleeping.

  • Hey. I remember you said this can be anxiety but I don't really have anxiety now. With my new job and keeping my mind and body busy, I'm not really experiencing any anxiety. I don't really have any stress either thankfully. And yea the dried sweat on my pajamas and blankets smell almost like a dried towel smell but slightly different and more 'human' like

  • If you are concerned, of course set up an appointment with your doctor, although you said she would just say to change your diet. The medication can be responsible for these sweats even though you have been on it for a long time.

    Let us know the outcome.

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