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Really really scared

Went for a tilt table test last week and went feeling quite positive that all of my symptoms are totally related to anxiety but after the test I was told I am defiantly what is classed as a 'fainter' and also I have arythmia problems as when my heart rate goes bonkers and goes to 130 beats it then suddenly drops off and goes to 90 beats which is not normal!! I obviously knew my heart rate sometimes goes super fast and I can feel it slightly irregular sometimes but I had convinced myself that it was all related to anxiety which kind of helped but now I just feel so scared again. I know certain types of arythmia are fatal and I am frieking out. I am a mum to my beautiful daughter and she has a useless father and I just don't know what's going to happen to her if I die. I am so scared as heart problems run in my family I don't know what to do

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Hi there. I'm new to this forum, but I wanted you to know I feel your worry. I have a son that is my life. Take a deep breath and remember that when you get anxious about your health and get adrenaline pumping it makes your heart beat faster. I have frequent PVCs which are extra beats. Sometimes as much as 70% of my beats are "off". It's scary but I remind myself I've had many tests, saw many doctors and read many pages of research. Just be active in asking for more tests if you feel you need them for your own peace of mind and in the meantime pray/meditate, color, play board games and play with your daughter, take a picnic in the park, spend your free time doing anything and everything to keep your mind occupied and calm. Easier said then done, just remember you aren't alone. Big hugs to you


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