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I'm new here, but saw this thread and joined because of it

Wow! I'm so glad to know other people feel the same way I do! You all have truly helped me today! The despair and worry I feel about mistreatment of and no compassion for animals is suffocating and debilitating to me. Everything you all typed out is exactly how I feel! I am not alone!

We always see/hear about these horrible cruelty/mistreatment stories on the Facebook sites, but this past week two things I saw on FB (one story and one cartoon) have caused me hours of physical/emotional agony and countless hours of crying/grief. I know that does sound ridiculous to many, but I think you all on here can totally relate/understand! (I made the decision last night to severely limit what I follow anymore on there. One of you mentioned that while ignoring it won't make it go away, reading about it won't help it stop either, and you are so right!) I don't need to read about it anymore.

Also this week, I witnessed something while in the car that emotionally punched me in the gut. I can't stand it anymore, and do feel I need professional help to cope and tolerate these a$$holes we have to share our planet with.

I try and do everything humanly possible. All my cats are rescued, spayed/neutered, never de-clawed and treated like royalty. I am vegan, support many local animal organizations/charities, other specialized animal groups in the US, sign any petition I can for prosecution/harsher penalties for animal abusers, and the like.

I am just sooooo disgusted, angry, upset, and very frustrated by the law and some of society's tolerance towards animal mistreatment. I have very negative thoughts about "righting" these wrongs people have done to animals (by wanting to harm them). I know vengeance is wrong for me to want to take, but I can't help it! I keep telling myself that karma does see all, and for those that have committed these types of wrongs, there will be a much higher force/power to reckon with at some point in their life (hopefully during it, as opposed to at the end of it). I know that is horrible to say that I want people to suffer, but I must admit, I want them to have to suffer the way I have suffered my entire life for all the animals. These type of people are probably not capable of feeling anything like we do, though. But, I hope they somehow, in some form have to accept responsibility, and acknowledge and atone for their misdeeds.

I once saw a quote (I'll see if I can find it and repost) that said "what merely scratches others, wounds me" and I really identified with it.

Thank you all so much for sharing!

A Kindred Spirit

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I'm a vegetarian and trying to go vegan. I hate animal abuse obviously. But I think I'm not like that & im doing something so it helps. i don't understand it but I just came out of abusive relationship where part of it was abuse over me not eating animals! So people can be very cruel. Keep being yourself.


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