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Hi all, my previous posts explain my issues but if you do not wish to read then briefly here i am female, 16 and have really bad anxiety, it affects my whole life, school and outwith. I was on sertraline for about 3 months but it began to give me really bad acne which I hated and so my psychiatrist decided to switch me to fluoxetine. Today was my first day on it, I took it only 10 minutes ago but I had to completely boost myself into taking it. I am so terrified of the suidical thoughts side effects and even the minor ones scare me, I can't barely cope with a paper cut lol let alone all these listed side effects. I know they're uncommon but I cant help but convince myself that they'll happen to me. If anyone has any advice or their on fluoxetine stories I'd really appreciate hearing it, thankyou.

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I do not have any experience with this exact drug, but I was prescribed Lexapro probably 7-8 years ago. And I was TERRIFIED of the possible side effects! However if you look up possible side effects for ANY drug there are 100's. Just look at tylenol, aspirin, cold medicine, and etc. They all have a myriad of side effects, usually once you take a pill and it has been in your system for 1-2 hours then you don't need to worry about the "serious" side effects. Of course you could have other side effects, but nothing that is going to be extremely serious.


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