Major update!!!!

So after a long year of battling this thing, i may be getting to the light at the end of the tunnel even tho i dont really want it to be what they think it could be..... Could be a possible tumor on my adrenal gland, could be benign or cancerous, adrenal glands are putting off adrenaline constantly, when this happens its causing anxiety, also its causing my other issues, tachycardia when eating because of low blood surgar due to adrenaline making the body consume energy too much. Had a doctor house style doctor figure it all out. Go for a CT scan and MRI next week, he said good news, if it is benign, they go in and remove the tumor, all my anxiety and bs symptoms go away for good. Of course if its cancer then im fucked. If you suspect its not anxiety even tho doctors keep telling you over and over ir is, and you know almost for sure its not, SPEAK UP!!!! I had countless doctors blow me off, now they are acting all buddy buddy like they care now and even apologized. Wont lie, kinda pisses me off. Dont wait around!!!! Stand your ground!!!! I had a psychologist say they loved me for standing my ground, and he said he suspected i was not normal anxiety half way thru CBT and begged people to look at me, hes the only one that stood on my side. I told him thanks tonight.


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3 Replies

  • Hoping it is not cancerous and you can be free of this anxiety hell and have your life back. Good luck and keep us updated!!

  • That's what happened to me. I had severe pain in my face and jaw and as a result had panic attacks from it. I kept getting migraines and had sinus issues for a month and a half. I kept going to the doctor but they dismissed it as anxiety. I finally went to my dentist and figured out my wisdom teeth were coming in, causing all the pain and as a result of the pain, my anxiety increased. I know it's not really comforting to know that something is wrong, but you should take comfort in the fact that you listened to your instincts and found the problem. I pray it is not cancerous or dangerous. Once removed, your anxiety will settle down and you will feel so much better!

  • Armyguy, that's all it takes is one person on your side and look how things moved ahead. I applaud you for standing your ground. Through thick and thin, you have been your own best advocate. Now you have your psychologist by your side, you are no longer alone.

    Good Luck. Stay Strong..Please keep us updated.

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