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Hi everyone,

So yesterday I did my blood pressure it was 96/57 73 pulse. Is that a bad heart rate resting? I don't smoke or drink at all. Lately I have been feeling so extremely tired but I do have two little ones at home 2 years and 10 months so that could be why...

My sister is a nurse and she sad it was really low. Please give me peace of mind. Tomorrow I get a holter monitor hooked up for 24hrs because my heart has been having benign palpitations but they want me to have peace of mind.


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  • Normal blood pressure is above 90/60. So although your distolic pressure is a few points below normal it's hardly mega. Low blood pressure is only considered a problem if it causes unwelcome symptoms, in fact it means you're likely to live longer. Sometimes lower blood pressure is due to someone not drinking enough water, like at least 2 litres a day. A pulse rate of 73 is good/normal. You could well find that lower blood pressure is only temporary and in week it's higher. I know this because the same thing happened to my wife. As you're having a monitor for the benign palpitations your doctor is clearly on the case. I had palpitations once and they put a holter on me, I had them whilst waiting for it to be fitted. But once they fitted it, no palpitations!

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