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Trying to stay positive


I've been trying to stay positive and see the good in things but everyday getting freaked out about something causes me to go in to panic. I just made a smoothie and it was a bit acidic so I didn't finish it. Next thing you know I feel it in my throat so I drank water. I went in to a full panic attack. I had to go outside to get some air. I tried meditating last night and idk. Now I'm just emotional. I also feel like I can't breathe right now. This is getting a bit overwhelming, I don't want to eat or anything. I don't want to clean and that's not like me.

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I can feel what you are going through...I often escalate at times. Do you make your smoothie with water or milk? A full blown panic attack is beyond terrifying. Did you try gargling with warm water when your throat felt funny? Fresh cool air is supposed to help supress panic.....sometimes yes sometimes no. I have been there with the shortness of breath and trying NOT to dwell on it. Put the radio on low. Do you keep a journal of your trials? I do.....sometimes I wonder how I can still be here!! If you are able to sleep, then do what it takes. I intend to go to the local Health food store this week to see about protein shakes but I only want a brand that can be mixed with milk, not water, and with some fruit. Increasing my Luvox today....does it ever get better? You are not alone!

Peacewithin1 in reply to kama24

Hi Thank. I feel better now, cried a little lol and that helped. I use coconut milk, yogurt, and a little water depending on what I mix in it. I think I added too many seeds, along with cocoa powder. I over did it.

kama24 in reply to Peacewithin1

I'm glad you are feeling better. I am so very tired of living each day with the feeling of tension or stress in my stomach and at times fear is over whelming. One thing I do find helps a bit is if I have a very hot (as hot as I can stand it) soak in the bath tub, lay back and let it cover my stomach and chest. I lol also sleep with a heating pad on low at night. I find if I start the shakes it can sometimes help/

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