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last 2 days my heart rate has been a bit low when i walk and i feel like at times it gets so slow.

and sometimes i get chest pain and it makes it feel as though its even slower and harder

its ranging between 60-70 beats

even when i jump for a bit and sit down again it goes fast at first but then slows down quickly (which usually rarely happens)

I don't know what it is but its scaring me so much i feel like im gonna die any second now . the fear of my heart health has been the main root cause of my anxiety and im so scared i have some disease

I've called paramedics and went to doctors numerous times and they've said my heart is strong and healthy but i just cant get over this irrational fear


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Ines use to get about 90 or 100 the normal is 90 BPM I healthy heart is beats 40 BPM that's what. They told me when o went to the ER

Hey i have been through this always feel like i my heart is running fast and feel like i will have heart attack and there is something wrong i went through all examination of heart but nothing is wrong and nothing can stop me thinking something is wrong to my heart so i started going to physiatrist so they given me zolap and other medicine and antidepressants somehow now little i manage to calm down but still the thinking is going on and on like i will have heart attack and fear of being i will die and all

Your heart rate is great. Your heart is doing what it's supposed to be doing 🙂

When your heart isn't beating that fast it means that it doesn't have to work hard and strain to pump blood to the rest of your organs.

As long as you aren't fainting or blacking out from a slow heart rate, I would think your okay 😊❤️

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