For the past 2 years i have had palpitations which was recently diagnosed as pvcs and pacs they got better for a while now since october ive had bad palpitations, nausea, shortness of breath, and sometimes i wake up out of my sleep gasping for air. All i think about are my symptoms . It drives me crazy that i cant focuse on anything to get my mind off of this . When i eat my heart pounds so fast and hard and wen i stand up i get even more short of breath . I have no clue what can be causing all of this but i feel lost and hopeless .


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  • Hey Mddieb01, have you been given any meds for palpatations? I have meds for my anxiety, but have beta blocker for the fast hr. Actually had to get a lower dose cause my hr was uncomfortably low for me. But it beats the shortness of breath and waking out of sleep. So scary! Feel better. Plenty of folks on here to listen :-)

  • I go to have an echo done next month which my doctor said i would probably be given meds for my palps but idk if they will because on my holter monitor my heart beat got down to 44 bpm which was probably when i was asleep . My shortness of breath is constant and all day . Idk if its from the palps or not.

  • Have you been to your doctor? Do you attend any place that helps you to understand and cope with your symptoms? Support, understanding and love are always helpful

  • Ive been to my doctor who is taking the steps to get everything checked out which right now everything is coming back great . But i know how i feel everyday and i know there has to be something going on . Which is probably anxiety but it feels so much more than that .

  • I feel for you, it's horrible to feel unhealthy. I'm sorry you are going through this. I really hope you will get better soon. Try do do things you enjoy or just to do the best you can do and remember it's not anything wrong with you it's just a terrible thing attacking your body and hopefully it will be temporary, many of our health and worries can be temporary so find a good doctor to give you what helps but you must stay focused on trying to get better so that you don't have to take a bunch of meds that will mess you up worse. I really don't know if we can do slot more than the best we can to discover what works for each person individually. But I do so much hurt for you, I know how much it sucks

  • Thanks . I try to keep busy but it seems i start thinking about it again and it hits even harder . I just want answers and then i think i will feel a little better. I have to talk myself out of going to the emergency room so many times its crazy . Im pretty sure i have had some panic attacks which wakes me up out of my sleep .

  • Don't get to down on yourself that's what hospitals are for. If it helps you to stay alive in your mind or brings you peace of mind it's nothing to feel bad for. It is their job to help you, calm you and to be compassionate and understanding, eventually you will start to get passed the emergency stage with time as long as you know you go because you need to and hopefully in time you will be able to feel better. I know how hard it is to sleep when you feel symptoms that make you think you won't wake up or that you will wake up in a full on terror to the body and mind. I went through that in my teen years and was close recently to gather there again. I feel for you and if I can be of help I will try but I don't know what I can do but wish all the best for you and respond best I can to you. My h care and truly feeling for you.

  • Thanks so much . Im just trying to find the answers . It just sucks when nobody believes what i say and then if i go to the hospital they say again for what this time . But none of this started until i had my second c section 2 years ago . I got better for a while and now since october its been hell .

  • We are like twins!!! Your symptoms match mine and it makes you feel insane!! I literally spent $300 in December to have a full cardiac work up because I just knew it was my heart...did echo, stress,and wore a Holter for 24 hours and PERFECT!!! Now just 4 months later, I am questioning a brilliant and very successful cardiologist because its still happening... I just want to feel better, ya know. Ugggg Take care friend

  • Ive had a work up 2 years ago and now im going through another one because the symptoms came back worse . Yes i feel like im going insane . Most of the days i feel like im going to just die right then and there . The shortness of breath is what has been bothering me the most here lately . I just want to know whats going on.

  • I have moments like that, when I feel like 'this is it'...its awful. <3

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