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Anxiety is a symptom not a diagnosis. It's a symptom of depression , It stems from trama in life , bad experiences, and grief we carry deep with in us usually it is in our subconsciousness that we carry it . If we do not deal with something it later comes out like a toxin dose . That's why out of the blue we get panic . It's just our subconscious wanted to come out at that time .. I incourage you to find out why and when you started getting anxiety and work on the reason .. u can beat this .. I did .

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Leelaa, my thoughts exactly.


You are absolutely right. Thank for this post. I needed to be reminded. We can eat all of the natural foods and supplements all we want but it will never go away completely until we get to the root of the Problem. Thanks again.


I agree


Well sorry but you're wrong there. Anxiety can be a masiftation of illness too, because that is what happened to me. There is a fine line between anxiety and depression and actual anxiety from illness. I agree that your body is trying to tell you something but it isn't always simply depression.


Dear Leelaa... Although I agree with anxiety being a symptom the rest of your statements are only partially true. Anxiety may be a result of depression but doesn't have to be. Trauma in life , bad experiences, and grief we carry deep with in us may cause an anxiety but that just a part of a bigger picture and not a picture itself. There are many other factors that have profound effect on anxiety onset such as viral infections such as EBV, heavy metals, vaccines, poor diet and industrial toxins contained within our food supplies, heavy use of antibiotics, heavy use of cosmetics that effect hormonal system, other environmental toxins that effect hormonal and nervous system, andrenal fatigue and much more to name a few. So although an emotional aspects play a big role they are not necessarily all out triggers for anxiety. To a smaller degree genes as well but no more than about 4-6%.

Anxiety onset doesn't necessarily mark a point in your life when something just went wrong. Often it's difficult, if not impossible, to trace anxiety to a single event. Anxiety onset is nothing more than a tipping point of events happening within the body, brain, mind, and spirit for a long time prior to the event itself.

I am happy that you have beaten your anxiety by dealing with events residing in your subcounscious mind. For some it will work but for great majority of others it only dampen their hope to get better. And while working on your subcounscious mind is definitely an integral part of dealing with anxiety taking a more global view on entire state of body, brain, mind and spirit is in order.


I agree with you . I was not referring to the trigger points in my statement . So thank you for doing that . .


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