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anxiety causes

Just wondering how many of us try and try to work out when and why our anxiety started.Is this a good thing to do because I cannot for the life of me determine when it began.All I know is,i seem to be going further and further back and then I think,what is the point,what good will it do you,will you feel worse in the long run if you discover the root cause.Is it me or do we all constantly ask these questions,is it simply a chemical imbalance as I keep reading or is our brain to complex to fully understand why,just my thoughts!

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I am in the dark too. I went to bed feeling quite psoitive and the after a night disturbed by vivid dreams I woke really balck. Whats the solutiuon! I have 30mg Mirtazapine at night. from coctonroad


I've thought about this too. Although I can see the precise moment I started to feel 'strange' in the run up to almighty 'blow out', and know the exact things that happened before my first panic attack, I can actually see issues of anxiety throughout a lot of years of my life. To me it seems like it is something that has just been there, showing itself in small forms, and it took stress and feeling severely down to take it to the worst level. I feel I am over the worst now and can fully handle the physical symptoms, the hardest part is dealing with the mental side. Working through fear and trying to block off negative thoughts. x


I for think it can be useful to find out why we are anxious and for some of us it is obvious that anxiety started in childhood...I had an anxious mother who was also ill,,so our anxiety was around the fear of her impending death, she would send us off to school saying 'I may not be here when you get home', hardly a cheery farewell!

However for many people it is not so clear and in a sense does it matter where you learned to be anxious? Well for some it does, and for some that is helpful, but it is now that anxiety is affecting our lives and learning how to manage the fear now can be helpful and life changing for most sufferers.

For that reason CBT seems a good option, Mindfulness Based CBT too can be life,changing. both can be learned and experienced, there are lots of practitioners alls over the UK...if you can learn some techniques to lessen the anxiety now and you may choose to go into open-ended counselling later to explore your early experiences.

I am convinced that the constant checking that we do when we feel shaky is a big part of the problem, constantly concerned about every body sensation and every,worrying thought...getting out when you can despite the dreadful weather and exercising no matter how wobbly you feel can help enormously and is often not recognised as a good and easy way to feel less tense. I hope you soon feel less anxious...very warm wishes


I agree with babushka. It's quite a challenge to figure our reasons of anxiety if they're not immediately obvious. If you've had anxiety for a long time and are unsure of it's root cause then CBT or psychotherapy can be helpful in many cases.


For me, I have looked back to find where my anxiety came from, and its very far back. Definately before age 4.

I've heard it said our first year to 18 months is probably the most influential, on our behaviour now.

Did it help, yes it did, it helped me to forgive my parents, and others.

Did it stop the anxiety, a little, it gave me space, to see things differently, and realise what a waste of life it is thinking of the past and future.

It took me 30 years.......please dont let it take you as long, the suffering is a waste of life.

The therepy I got was called EMDR, mixed with psychotherapy and a bit of CBT available in the UK on the NHS.

I also now do mindfullness and love it, it gives me peace, happiness and hope, the panics anxiety depression are slowly going and my energy levels are rising, so I am able to do so much more now.

With love


Dear Castelnaudry,

I started to become aware that I had anger issues at work roughly 3 years ago.

I then went to councelling to talk about the anger and discovered that I had unresolved anger that was causing anxiety. I had unresolved anger issues from my time at school as an 8 year old.

My councellor has helped me to start to get in touch with my emotions of that time and I have started to release some of them. I feel a sense of ease or 'letting go' .following my councelling, which I am still doing.

I wish you well.

warmest regards,



It is a hard one to work out but I think maybe its a combination of events/ factors that are our triggers. For me death of a loved one to Cancer, family issues, ex bf and stressful situations


oh sorry and my former work was the straw for me


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