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Heart Palpitations, Headaches, Anxiety

Went to the doctors and was told I have very high blood pressure 150/112 (or other way round) Told to get blood tests but not given any medication and told to go get blood pressure checked again next week.

I have been in America last 2 weeks and have eaten unhealthy also had 2 long haul flights. I am now back at work in sales which is pretty stressful and finding deadlines tough. I keep thinking I am going to have a heart attack or a stroke due to high blood pressure. Getting heart flutters/palpitations, headaches, and have been having them all morning.

I feel very anxious and I am currently sat at my desk at work. Don't know what to do!!!! Just went for a walk round the block, having a cup of tea and drinking water. Any suggestions?


Ollie x

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Hi Olliebear.

I think the stress of work and jet lag could be the cause of your raised BP but I am surprised your GP did not do an ECG just to be sure.As for suggestions maybe relaxation CDs or the website headspace could help you relax.I know it is difficult when you are anxious but you could try breathing exercises slowly breathe in and hold your breath for 4-5 seconds then breathe out as if you are blowing out a candle. I hope it helps.



Thanks Kenny,

Stress of job does not help! hopefully blood tests will cover off any issues and also blood pressure hopefully will have dropped after a long relaxing weekend. I am only 26 so bit concerned that my blood pressure is so high. I am guessing anxiety and stress can raise your blood pressure quite dramatically?

I always over think everything aswell as I am a massive hypochondriac. Get pain in the back of my head and think its a stroke, get heart palpitations and muscles spasms and think I am going to have a heart attack. It is pretty much exactly a year ago that I started having panic attacks/anxiety. Coincidence??



Anxiety can cause the majority of your symptoms, and once you get into a spiral its hard to get out again.Have you talked to your GP about your anxiety you may need a little help now before its gets to bad.


My blood pressure has one down which is good. Had a relaxed weekend at parents this weekend. Now back at work and after and hour start getting pains in left side of my chest, feel panicky and anxious, it's horrible. Went for a walk outside but pain keeps coming and going :(


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