Mmm do I have health anxciety ? 🤔

Well been having wierd pains in my chest and yes I know it's probaly down to my anxciety but I just feels like I have to keep taking big breaths in and out for some reson n feels like I'm spinning around but I'm not I bloody hate this so much n I can notice my heart beat a lot 🤔 😕 Sick of beeing stuck in the house and my being able to go out this anxciety had really taken over my life and I hate this I never use to be like this why is anxciety so cruel 🖕

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7 Replies

  • Hi Rebeccah,

    Just want to let you know that you are not alone! I have everything that you've mentioned in your post and I'm scared but I have to keep calm because I pray. I also feel that anxiety is so cruel and sometimes I'm envious of "normal" people but I know God has a purpose.

    Keep well and I'm here to chat if you want to?

  • I find it offensive when people come onto here and do the god thing, I am going to see if there is a way to complain about it so that it can be kept off these forums.

  • Thanks for your comment about religious belief. lifeisworthliving was sharing her coping skill of belief, which is appropriate in our community. Inappropriate would be using our community to prostlytize which is not at all what lifeisworthlivings post is about

  • God has a plan etc etc and what God and they are assuming the people reading their posts follow same God as them.

    Please tell me how to leave this group or can you remove me from it please.

  • At the top, right side, of the anxiety community home page, you will see the word, "following" Just click on that and it will change to "follow," indicating that you have left the community.

  • Have you seem a doctor about lately?

    Have you tried anything to help yourself out?

  • Yes I've seen a doctor 2s about my anxiety but all I was given is anti-depressants and they never work I reacted badley to both of them so I'm just getting trew each day at a time with the support of my very understanding partner some days are really bad and there are days were I have no anxciety at all I try and talk about it with my partner but sometimes find it hard to exsplain the tings going on in my head but I get there :)

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