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Elevated heart rate


Question: So I woke up this morning feeling sicker than a dog so this afternoon, I ended up at our local Urgent Care to find out I have Sinitus. Everything else looked and soounded great besides my head feeling like a balloon. When I was leaving, I was looking over my discharge sheet to see that my heart rate was 106. It's now triggered my OCD and I have been constantly checking my heart rate and it's been anywhere between the low 80's - the high 90's. At one point, after I had laid down, I stood up and was walking around, checked my heart rate again at it was 120.. Is this from being sick? Is something wrong with my heart? SOS!

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Jaymrene, I'm sorry you are not feeling good with Sinusitis. Your higher heart rate is most likely caused from being sick. When we are sick, our body works hard in getting rid of the virus, causing the heart to work a little harder. Our bodies know what to do to take care of us. Try to not worry about the little faster HR at this time. Feel better soon...

Jaymrene in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much.. I have really bad health anxiety and it really freaked me out..

Agora1 in reply to Jaymrene

Of course, I understand. I was hoping this might alleviate some of your fears on the heart rate. Take care.

It does.. I just need to stop obsessing over it now and checking my heart rate repeatedly. Thank you!

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