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head rush feeling


Over the past 3 days I've been feeling odd. When i stand up i get a head rush every time. I feel like my neck is not supporting me and when it tilts or anything i get a dizzy feeling randomly. When i lay down I'm fine its mainly when i am standing up and sometimes when sitting down. I have also been seeing a lot of floaties in my vision. Its almost like my mind its freaking itself out and makes me anxious also nauseous. I hope this makes sense its just so hard to explain! I have a feeling its anxiety related because my hands and feet are cold which always happens when I'm anxious. But the symptoms i am having are resulting in the anxiousness even more so i can't tell which came before the other. Also i just went to the doctor about two days ago and she wasn't concerned with my health. Is this caused by anxiety? Has anyone experienced this?

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