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Good days

Don't you just love the good days? Yesterday was my birthday and I spend the whole day with people I care so much about, had school and it wasn't bad. From start to end I felt nothing but happiness and I find it so frustrating that anxiety can take those days and screw them up. Some people don't understand but you will always understand how it feels. Hope you all have a breath of fresh air and get a really good day soon.

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Happy belated birthday to you! Glad you had a good day and wish you many more! 🎁🎂 x

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Hi Kristin. I Hope you had a great birthday. 🎂🥂🍾

If you can learn to accept how you feel during those bad days and just be ok about not feeling ok, this attitude will start bringing more good days. Recovery from anxiety doesn't run smooth which means there will be lots of bad days, a few good ones, more bad ones, more good ones. Don't be too upset with all the ups and downs, it is all part of the recovery process and your mind and body sorting itself out.

The great thing is, you don't have to do anything to recover. Learn to allow yourself to fall into any state without resisting any of it. It only hangs around if you do try to resist it in any way such as running away, avoiding etc of anything else you may do to try and rid yourself of those anxious thoughts and feelings. They are only there because you have anxiety and won't be there when you recover so don't give them any respect.

Treat anxiety like a bad cold. You know what it is, you feel bad but you know it won't do any harm and carry on with your day. Sure, you may feel like death warmed up but you accept it and maybe take a little rest. You don't spend all day trying to get rid of the cold, worrying and stressing over it and keep asking why it won't go away. It just goes away with you having to do anything. By having the same attitude with anxiety, it will gradually disappear. It only hangs around because you fear the symptoms of anxiety. By facing and accepting your fears, it takes away their power and those pesky symptoms will melt away and the good times and normal feelings will return. As I keep saying, make your life bigger than anxiety, go out and do normal stuff, regardless of how you may feel. Doing normal stuff like hanging out with friends, watching movies, playing sport (or whatever) will eventually bring back those feelings of normality and not those days filled with fear, doubt, paranoia etc. It is just anxiety tricking you into thinking and feeling that way. Call it's bluff and it will disappear. Those little things in life that brought you enjoyment will gradually return. I promise.

Hope this helps.

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Happy Belated birthday. I'm Glad you enjoyed.

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