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Stomach tightness

Right for last 4-5 weeks anxiety been so bad I don't know if it's due to the fasting I have been doing for 20hoirs no food or drink, it started one day after I fasted , any how I experience extreme upper stomach tightness, breathing problems like I'm not breathing I don't know what to do anymore, my chest feel hard and tight to . I literally am going mad

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I don't think you are going mad even though I know we can feel like we are at times like these

Are you fasting because of religion ?

Going without food and fasting for some can have an effect on their physical health , I would have a chat with my Doctor and see what they say :-)

Take Care x


Hi shamila7861, I hope you are doing better now. It seems like the fasting might have played a part on how you were feeling which then made you apprehensive. The symptoms you are describing sound very much like extreme anxiety. Not eating or drinking brought on some dehydration which in itself can cause weird sensations to your head. Please be sure to let your doctor know what you went through. It's important should he want to run some blood tests. x

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He's done the blood tests there isn't anything they want to check now. I have severe anxiety I just need to a caper that and move on x


shamila, your anxiety does sound severe. I hope we can help support you in moving on. My best to you. x


Even now I'm having a anxiety attack in bed, was asleep woke up and that feeling soooo tight and hot and ughhh



Twenty hours no food doesn't sound too bad bit no drink can't be good. Hydration is really important especially for us anxious types. Mind you I am totally hopeless at following my own advice but thinking back most of my really bad days seem to be when my fluid intake is low.

Take care any how and maybe think about the fluids


Hi shamila7861! I have definitely experienced the stomach tightness and it can feel horrible, almost as if I am so bloated it feels like it is in my chest. I notice a nervous thing I do is tense my stomach up, even when I am sleeping (mostly when I am sleeping, in fact.) So, it feels really uncomfortable especially when I wake up.

With my anxiety, I can get extremely hyper sensitive to anything that feels different or uncomfortable in my body, even when there is an explanation. Sometimes my anxiety causes the stomach problems, but also my stomach problems cause the anxiety problems. An ongoing saga :/

But, definitely get some water. If you have a hot pack or compress (mine is scented with lavendar) place that on your stomach. Aldo, try some deep breathing as well. I find that a good yoga detox video can help, too. Nothing too long or complicated, but especially over time those help (you can find them on youtube).

I'm glad you checked with your doctor about it. Since they don't seem to think anything is wrong, it probably has to do with the fasting/anxiety. Any diet or fasting cold turkey may cause issues in your stomach or digestion. My stomach always feels tense when I haven't eaten, so you must keep hydrated if you are able. Also, youtube may have some deep breathing exercises, but all of these tools unfortunately won't be instant fixes. They will need some time. I hope this helps a little! :)


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