Metaprolol 🤔🤔

In the ER They Gave Me Metaprolol But didnt really tell me the reason why they just say my heart is high so idk if i should take it if young 20 years old should i or not because i get panick attacks all the tike my heart is always racing just wondering gonight my heart was really fast should i took one tonight or i shouldnt if it calm down a little bit already?


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9 Replies

  • This is a medication to lower your heart rate. You need to find out if it's anxiety that's causing this or something else. Please make an app with a cardiologist. Did they do any tests at the hospital? They can't just hand out heart medicine without a diagnosis

  • Read johnnys 40+ posts. He's had every test known to man including heart tests and mri.

  • I started taking this when I was 18 because of Mitral Valve Prolapse. It really helped my heart palpitations and anxiety. It was safe for me.

  • Hi bel_hope, I don't see too many people write about MVP. I have it as well. It does go hand in hand with anxiety. I wasn't put on Metropolol until I got diagnosed with A-Fib several years ago. It is a good med for me as well. Take care.

  • Hi, I take atenolol, it was prescribed to me in the ER years ago when I went because of a rapid heart beat and high blood pressure . Im glad the metropolol works for you. The atenolol works for me. Last year the doctor told me I have a mild leaky aortic valve that they're gonna monitor over the years. This adds to my anxiety when I'm having a bad day.

  • I'm on metoprolol succinate ER 25mg. I was having a lot of anxiety & my HR was always high (I had SVT) so my cardiologist started me on it in Dec. At first, I had some bad side effects but after a few weeks I felt so much better. I am 27 and I think this beta blocker is relatively safe.

  • Johnnie, I think you should delete your account.

    Don't take this the wrong way. I want to help, and I think you need it. But this website may be fueling the fire to your anxiety.

    I had to delete all my health apps and get rid of my health related monitors. They were all just a crutch for me. My therapist Suggested all of this.

    It has helped some. I'm not getting so spun up anymore. I don't have new theories or symptoms to test out.

    The level of your posting appears obsessive. When I was at my worst, my researching was obsessive. It only made things worse. I'm afraid this forum may be doing that for you.

    Try to find some peace.

  • Yeahh But honestly Ive been trying alot right now im feeling a bit alright im outside going out for some fresh air i feel good it just my heart worried me the most and no your wrong about that about the heart my heart docter did all test to make sure its alright and yeah mines is panick attacks you know how many people have them all the time they would been died and had a heart attack people have it mostly everyday and yeah it could of been but right now i dont think soo because my blood work everything fine and normal you know

  • yeah Know in the ER they gave me that they said to take it because my heart rate was high thats all they said that my heart rate probably goes up alot so they told me to take it my heart docter says that i shouldnt take it that my heart is fine its just have panick attacks he told me that my heart is fine that if i want i can take it only when my heart rate kick in and starts going really fast i can be he say nothig is wrong with my heart he said i have a little bit if arythmia but not a dangerous one just a little bit but told me that i shouldnt take them . if its not nessary and he says im to young to take those pills

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