Hey guys just to say hello and I'm glad I have come across this site. I suffer extremely bad with anxiety that is relentless and I'm wondering how I can deal with it so as to get restful sleep. Insomnia is an awful problem for me and seems like G.P just isn't bothered or taking it seriously. I've suffered with anxiety from childhood and sleep problems for ten years. Any advice would be greatly received as it is all very debilitating for me.


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  • Check out sleep hygiene on Google. Exercise each day, have good routines, no caffeine or alcohol. Milk drinks at night, bath and read before bed

  • I'm currently in the same page as you have been up all night it is currently 7 am ... you are not alone and it sucks .. I stopped being paranoid I use to freak out about my physical symptoms till they took me to the ER I'm 21yrs most of my symptoms have gone but at times i get my depression back and triggers everything what I did was get very tired in order to sleep walk jog ... read books or talk with someone or be with someone I used marijuana as a sleeping aid and helped a lot you should do some research cause it's not for everyone .. do not drink alcohol it we'll make you feel 10x better at the moment but it'll mess you up for weeks I used to drink excessively when anxious and caused me to have my anxiety trips daily.. drink lots of water don't drink caffeine lay of on sugar drink lots of water and always keep I positive mind set

  • Hi, sorry to hear of your problems & I understand how awful your lack of sleep must be----a good night's sleep is at least a respite from anxious thoughts. I was going through a very anxious time towards the end of last year & asked my GP for advice & medication. I was prescribed Mirtrazapine & even at the low dose that I'm on, I can't believe how easily I get off to sleep now. OK, I'm not exactly wide awake in the day, either, but I'm thrilled with the better sleep that I'm having. Worth a try, if you can convince your GP to take you seriously. Good Luck!

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