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I've just come through a terrible month long bout of anxiety. I struggle with decision making and recently made a tough one that knocked me for six (cricketing term). I struggled to go out, i struggled to eat, i struggled.

I started taking medication which increased the anxiety.

I could think of nothing else other than the decision. Even when i was talking to people about other subjects my mind was saying 'have i made the right decision?'

I spoke to a friend every day who selflessly reassured me that the right decision was made. Even when i wanted to change my mind but then i would have worried if reversing the decision was the right decision.

Anxiety is horrid but i want to reassure others that it passes. Keep talking, friends will listen again and again.

I'm making plans, nothing life changing, stability is required for a little while.

First job - decorate... as simple as that. Keeping myself occupied, being satisfied with what i have and what I've achieved but looking forward.

I don't think my anxiety will go away completely but with friends and a positive attitude I'm going to enjoy myself. Even if my life and dining room are to be magnolia!

Take care and keeping posting... messaging this site helped me.


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  • Hi there, magnolia - that gave me a little chuckle. Good to hear you are doing better. I agree keeping occupied, if you can does help. All the best x

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