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Off balance


Hi everyone,

Had a really bad dizzy spell yesterday, it feels like everything is spinning, comes from nowhere , can't stop thinking there's something really wrong, how can this just be anxiety??????

I need to sit down when it happens, surely there must be something wrong, can't stand it anymore, the panic that comes with it is terrifying.

Am so scared. Please please tell me if anyone else gets this, it's not lightheadednesss, it a wave of dizziness , I can't go on like this, can't get to see the doc until Wednesday ,

Don't seem to have many good days.

Am so scared.

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My friend has this and I took her to the doctor. Apparently there are crystals in our ears and they can get out of place...causing dizziness and weird feelings. You can look it up...there are also videos showing how to get them back in place. The doctor did this to her three times and she is all better.

I looked it up for you and pasted the info below:

Dizziness can be caused by loose crystals called “otoconia” in your inner ear, which is known as BPPV. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, or BPPV, is the most common cause of vertigo, and is also the most common vestibular (inner ear) disorder.

Banjorosie in reply to kriordan

Thank you for replying, this dizziness is there one day may happen twice a day then may not happen the next day, did your friend have symptoms like that? Just so scared.

kriordan in reply to Banjorosie

Yes she did. Hope you get better.

I have this. And the crystals in my ears are fine not out of place. I feel woozy like oxygen isn't getting to my brain. I've always been a worrier even as a child. Drs cannot find anything wrong with me x

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