Falling asleep problem

I have suffered from anxiety for about 4 years now but in the last 2 months I have suddenly been experiencing these weird symptoms while trying to fall asleep. It's always when I lay down in bed right before I'm about to drift off to sleep then i get a sinking like sensation, I start to go very light headed like I am about to faint, vision goes blurred, irritating ringing sound in my ears, nausea, my heart pounds really quick and heavy and get horrible chest pains, I also get hot and cold flushes throughout and get very confused of my whereabouts. is there anyone who has experienced any of these symptoms and could give me advice? I am starting to get worried as I am only 16 and have thoughts that I'm dying or something.


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4 Replies

  • I get the same i try to stay up because start getting chest pains and my vision feels wierd all the time and you got checked by a docter yet and told him or her about it ?

  • I have the same question: Have you been seen by your doctor? You need a check up so we know that everything's ok before we try to think of anything else. Otherwise, there's a lot of everyday problems that could fit your symptoms.

  • Definitely tell your doctor your symptoms just to rule anything out.

    But I have experienced similar events. I call them nighttime panic attacks. Right as I start to drift off to sleep I sudden am awoken with a rapid beating heart. This will usually happen multiple times before I'm able to finally able to go to sleep for the night.

    You can also look up hypnogogic jerks. It's where as you are falling asleep you suddenly feel like you're falling and your body twitches and you wake up disoriented.

  • Thanks everyone. I have not seen a doctor yet but I have made an appointment.

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