Migraine lasted nine hours last night

Okay I had a pretty good day till about four in the afternoon and I got a migraine bad one :-( it lasted nine hours I don't take ibuprofen because it makes my head feel really wierd after the migraine goes away I feel really out of it and my head feels numb so I don't take anything unless I'm in reallllllllllly bad pain, what do you guys do for migraine relief without meds


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4 Replies

  • Ashley1489, I use to get myself to a cool, dark bedroom and place an ice pak on my forehead. I'd close my eyes and start listening to an imagery relaxation tape while I did deep breathing.

    Another thing that worked for me when at work and unable to find that quiet spot, I would have a cup of coffee with an antianxiety med to counteract the caffeine so my heart wouldn't bother me.

    The caffeine helped constrict the dilated blood vessels which cause the pounding head. I also would hydrate and make sure I had plenty of water in me since that as well can cause migraines.

    Sometimes meds do have to be used. I don't know if what you are feeling after taking an Ibuprofen is from the pill or the after affect of the migraine itself. Hope this help in some way. Feel better soon. x

  • Thank you hun :-) I'm feeling better today my eyes are a little sore but not like I was last night so I am very thankful

  • Rub magnesium oil on your legs and feet. Take fever few. Drink lots of water.

  • I've started taking some fruit and veggie capsules that are working well for me, however I don't experience migraines but I know of people that the capsules have helped with migraines.

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