I'm Cured

I have been an anxious person for as long as I can remember. As a child, among other things, I would worry myself sick about when my Mother was coming home if I was left with my Father or Grandparents. My anxiety escalated so high after the birth of my first child that I ended up in the ER for chest pains (at 29 years old). After the birth of my second child, I went on medicine. I had a psychiatrist that prescribed me all the xanax xr I wanted. I thought that was the answer, until i started reading up on xanax. Yikes. I was able to get myself off of that and live life, with terrible anxiety mind you, for almost 3 years. Then, it was back so bad i couldn't function. After more medicine, I found an AMAZING psychiatrist/behaviorist who did Exposure Therapy with me, a kind of CBT. I did NOT want to do it. She asked me to tell her something that gave me the most anxiety and I told her "vomit." Well, I had to be exposed to vomit videos on you tube, talking about vomit, watching vomit and finally cleaning up vomit. It was GROSS. But, along with reading the book "The Happiness Trap" at her suggestion... It cured me... I wouldn't have believed it myself if I had read it on here but, seriously, what do you have to loose? Ask your psychiatrist about it. It may just save your life, it did mine.


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  • Momwifedaughter, It's a time to celebrate the good things in life. I am so happy for you to have found comfort and answers through Exposure Therapy. It takes the right therapist/doctor as well as our willingness to work towards our goal. Enjoy your weekend, you deserve it. x

  • Thank you so much Agroa1. You have been my cheerleader through all of this!

  • I believed in you. There was something to cheer about. Stay strong x

  • Hi mom.... what exactly did your psychiatrist do to help you get through it ?

  • Well, it was over several sessions but, I had to say "What if I get sick?" over and over until I was so bored with the thought of it, then, progressed to watching You Tube videos of people getting sick. Next, more videos. Then, I had to clean up vomit. Google Exposure Therapy. The crazy thing is it helped with ALL my anxiety not just that one.

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