Is it severe anxiety ?

cant relax my back for some reason like its to tense keep moving and cant be just relax or when i go out my heart races for no reason and my eyes foggy and head feeling wierd like i have some sort of dieses or something in my head and chest pain my heart docter said am fine doe i believe he had me do a stress test so am sure i should be fine is just annoying and tiering and the chest pains worry me the most doe


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  • Hi Johnnie1234, Deep down you know this is anxiety. It's just that you mind is trying to tell you differently. Try destressing by putting a bath towel in the dryer for 15 min. When you take it out, wrap it around your shoulders and upper arms. Find a comfortable spot on the couch, put you feet up and if cold, cover yourself with a light blanket. Close your eyes and start taking deep breathes as you feel the heat wrapped around your upper back, you will start to relax. Your back will start to feel calmer. As you breathe the calm will come over your mind and your body.

    You can't wish these symptoms away. It takes some work on your part. Physically you are fine, your doctor did the necessary tests. The chest pains also come from anxiety by tightening the muscles in your upper body. Try it Johnnie.... although it's not a one time shot, it must be done everyday in order to bring you less pain. Most of all you need to accept that there is nothing wrong. Breathe.....

  • Yeah it just hard i feel like something is wrong doe idk why because i just seem sick or something dont wanna dye from this and the pain i get on my chest My life just dont seems right how i was before

  • I understand Johnnie how your life seems to have changed for you. Before you get better, your thoughts have to change for the positive. You are not going to die from anxiety symptoms and yet you can't stay "stuck" as you are right now.

    Something needs to change, and that's you.

  • Yeah but it hard because i go out its eather my heart racing am relaxing trying to get my mind positive but its like its trying to control or something or its probably i have to get use to the outside more or something

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