Health anxiety again !!

Hi guys , Why is it iv not been right since beginning of Dec and we now in Feb I am just trying to get my vioce back and feel like a hedgehog is stuck in my throat and my stomach feels like iv swallowed one whole honestly I'm so worried this is something more I feel so sick , I'm not sleeping everything in my life at the min seems hardwork and I am totally fed up and it's just not me I am caring People's person and love great conversations usually have a zest for life. I totally think the lack of sleep is sending me crazy and my body is so tense maybe causing IBS symptoms. I am just starting my antibiotics but so anxious about taking them. Help what is going off I would love to just sleep a solid 12 hours undisturbed and wake feeling calmerb and refreshed. Help snyonr been through this understand Binkynoo


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