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Feeling hopeful

I can sense a little each day that things are getting better. I may have heart flutters and butterflies in my somach or little aches and pains....but i keep going. I get up, dress and make plans for the day. The discomfort of anxiety is only that, simply discomfort...i keep moving and finding things i enjoy. I am working to accept the anxiety and letting time pass and all the while going about living. I take anxiety meds and they also help.

I felt a big improvement made recently when i was out one evening during a trip with my sisters. We were coming back to the hotel and i felt panicked an uncomfortable. They wanted to sit in the lounge and i wanted to curl up in the hotel room. But, i found the strength inside me to stay and not retreat to the room, it passed, i was ok, i did it!

There is hope...may you find encouragement and your own inner strength.

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Cjonesabq, Thank You so much for sharing your inspirational story. It will help others who find themselves in that moment of being uncomfortable, but forge on and end up enjoying the rest of the evening. Stay well and keep up the positive thoughts. x

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I feel myself getting to that point, thank you for sharing. It's nice to know I'm not the only one.


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