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Hey fellow Anxiety friends. Ever feel like you have issues with swallowing, or food getting stuck?

Trying to stay away from google, as always, so thought I would get some feedback from my friends here.

Over the past few days, I've been hyper aware of my swallowing and it feels a bit off. Almost seems like I'm having issues with swallowing, of food is getting stuck. What's more is this constant feeling of a lump in the back of my throat, like something is caught back there but I can't wash it down.

Being that I'm a worrier, this brings me some thoughts of throat cancer, or esophagus cancer. I worked with a man who passed from this and his initial symptoms were having trouble swallowing. He was 65. (when the disease typically hits) I'm 33, so I'm telling myself I'm being silly. But we all know it's not that simple.

Ironically enough, I was watching the OJ Trial on netflix last week and it showed how the Kardashian lawyer died in his 60's from esophagus cancer. Now a week later, here I am. Coincidence? Probably not......

So drop a line. DO you have anything similar ever. Should I go to the doc for this? Should I wait a few days.

As always, appreciate any words of wisdom from you folks.

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Hi, i get this feeling, mine is my anxiety and tight muscles in my neck, shoulders and back. I also find when im cold as you tense i can get it. I try to not worry about it and it does help.


Thank you for the response. Im a little worked up worrying about throats cancer at the moment.

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I have had this problem to the point I tell myself I will be sick if I eat . Not a good feeling at all . Sometimes I have to force myself to eat and I'm not even anxious. It's just something I've told myself I guess . Because I have had many test Ct scans and ultrasounds . I am 29 and have no family history if cancer. But yet here I am trying to float through the day .


Have those test come back negative? are you still having problems eating?


Symptom of anxiety is feeling something is in the throat, it can also be post nasal drip or acid reflux, go to doctor and get it checked out just to put your mind at ease.


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