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With health anxiety do you feel like your on a merry-go-round and you can't get off

I feel my life is going round in circles. It would be nice just to have a few days with no stress. Why are we like this, is it nature or nurture. I am sure people are laughing behind my back, but it is no laughing matter, it can rule your life. Why is every ache or pain going to be fatal and why is my cup always half empty. Sorry for moaning but it gets me down

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Moan away

I started with this from been young & i no exactly where you are coming from

It truly is awful

I used to just about be camped outside the GP'S , at every surgery

Every ache , pain was major & this was going to be it

I have had to retrain myself in the way I think , its not easy though

I dont think people laugh at you , well I hope not

I do no that when I used to get up in a morning , as my mouth was about to open , people would say ...go on then what is it today you have the way it was said , even though I would be serious in what I was thinking , I could see the humor , which even though it can be hard when you feel frightened , humor has got me through

The more you can reason with this , like me , I get migraines , & I dont even want to say what I think when I do , but if I let the sensible side talk , it cant be what I am thinking or after all these years well, things would be worse

Its a slow process I no , & mine hasnt gone altogether , but its alot better than it used to be





I wish I knew the answers to those questions - it'll be like winning the lottery ;)

For me personally I think pessimism is just my way...once I'm out of this second anxietal grip (even with my pessimism I know I will be soon) I'm going to try and find the answers to those questions :)


If you do can I be the first to know


You know what's worse that Health anxiety? Having a hangover with Health anxiety...don't ever do it I'm warning you. It's too late for me but you can save yourself ;-)



That's a shame I will have to stay off the whiskey


Try brandy instead it's a tad cheaper!!


I'm with you Millbrook always some health worry nagging away in my mind.


Safety in numbers


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