Always worried about my heart

I am a 20 year old male and have dealt with this for the past year.

I have been to about 5 different doctors (not including ER physicians, nurses, med students, and physician assistants) and a cardiologist who has 25 years of experience. I have had the full heart work up (EKG, holter, stress test, echo) And recieved the all clear from my cardiologist. In fact, when all was said and done he chuckled because of how absurd I was being to get all these tests. Despite ALL of that, I CANNOT shake the feeling that I will have a heart attack at any moment or that my heart will randomly stop at any moment. I am so sick of this and I just need some really good advice so that I can have my old life back. I am so sick of this. Please help me :(


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4 Replies

  • i had the same worry months ago, and i overcame it. Even though it's hard to believe, still know that you ave seen professionals who have given you plenty of tests to detect anything sinister. if they were concerned they wouldn't laugh at how 'absurd' you are. If they are that confident that you're okay then you should be too. It is this worry and constant overthinking that something is wrong with you that's making it worse. Your anxiety can play tricks on you and make you think these scary things like you're experiencing. But i found that the sooner i accepted it and calmed down, it didn't come to mind as much. And eventually it left.

    I wish you the best! x

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  • I also had this feeling as was certain I was going to have a heart attack or cardiac arrest. It's a horrible feeling but if you've been to so many people then if there was anything to be concerned about, your doc would of told you about it or had more tests done. I got over this fear and my anxiety went to other diseases. It's a vicious cycle! Maybe try speak to a therapist or go to counceling. That's what I'm going to do to help me deal with these thoughts. X

  • Hi, wow; did you pay to have all these tests??!! I understand you though; it is one of my worst fears; having a heart attack, and i think about it often.....I panick alot; as, do you, from the sounds of it. However, please be reassured; you have had all the tests, been examined by many professional medical people; hence, i am sure you have nothing to be concerned about. Try to learn some relaxation techniques and go and have some fun; try to enjoy yourself and take up a hobbie or 3.

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