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Just got flu shot, very anxious about side effects

I know a lot of people who think the flu vaccine is unsafe, and I usually don't get it because I'm a hypochondriac and I worry endlessly about side effects since it is different every year. I have gotten it in the past but not for at least 8 years. Today I had to get it for a new job (in healthcare). Feeling tired and a little achy but freaking out that I will develop a scary reaction of some sort. Can someone who gets the shot please reassure me? I don't want to hear about how bad/unnecessary/toxic it is because I have enough of that already. I'm thinking the fact that I've never had a bad reaction to any vaccines before should be a good sign for me. And the nurse who gave me my shot told me I might feel achy for a little while since that's your body's immune system reacting to the antibodies....why is health anxiety always so bad for me at night? Argggh

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it is completely normal to have side effects with these types of things. You can have different effects to others as everyone's body reacts to things in different ways, but there's nothing sinister about it to be worrying over. The nurse even told you you will feel that way, just believe her. If there was anything seriously wrong, which is unlikely, i'm sure you would notice that, and you would go see a doctor about it. But best of luck!! x


Come on now. Millions get flu jabs every year and reactions are incredibly rare. The most serious ones happen immediately so you can't have those now.

You need to get out of your head and into your life


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