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2 months back I got pain in my upper stomach and regular belching and burping. Was really tough was in London for New Years and didn't enjoy my time at all because of pain and fear of having cancer. Finished my vacation and travelled back to Cairo and saw couple of doctors one said stomach inflammation and the other said IbS. Improved slightly and the Im in constant deterioration. Pain went down under my navel Its not pain it's bloating and discomfort. I have slight change in bowel habits can't feel partially constipated. Always have the urge for stool and I do nothing or I don't evacuate properly. Really scared of colon cancer. And suffering from strong anxiety. I want to comfort my self and I'm never not able to. I cry loudly and I feel lonely and lost saw many doctors everyone had a different view. How can I remove this cancer thought from my mind. Google is making this much worse. Pls help

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Very highly unlikely it's cancer. However, highly likely is that your gut flora is out of balance. People say 'I eat this and that all the time and never had any problems so it's not what I eat that causes my problems!'. Well, if you let water drip just drop by drop over long enough time it will literally drill a hole in any natural or man made material no matter how hard. Stress and worries will only make your symptoms worse. So, remove inflamatory foods, including wheat products for at least a while, and increase probiotic foods, including probiotic supplements. Remove all outside source of sugar. Fruits are ok. All vegetables are desirable. You will see belching, burping, and indigestion gone in time and your bowels will come to normal.

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Don't use Google to check your symptoms that is the worst thing that you can do when you have anxiety.

Doctors have checked you and they haven't mentioned cancer so don't worry about it. There is an ibs forum on here maybe you could join it for some support.

Keep yourself busy so that you don't give yourself time to think about the things that are irritating you. Eat foods that help with anxiety, learn new things just keep occupied.


I'm getting worse. Yesterday couldn't sleep from pain felt like I'm dying. Still obsessed with the cancer fear because I'm not improving. What shall I do I'm going crazy


I used to be like you but I got on with doing stuff, didn't give myself time to think about bad stuff. You need to learn to tell yourself that it's only the anxiety making you feel like this and it won't harm you. Learn to switch it off.


How can u make sure it's not cancer and close this chapter and move on? Why my symptoms are getting worse?


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