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im scared

im just found out i might have an heart murmur i got lots of tests done to because my heart is irregular heartbeat . i got an echo gram done on Saturday now i have to get bloodwork done to and plus i dont see my heart dr till April for my results. So the reason iim writing cuz i might have an anxiety attack and depression i dont want to take meds for this how can i do this on my own

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Hello, I was told I had a heart murmur when I was at junior school and that is over 55 years ago. I am not a medical person so any comments are my own experience only. I started running back in the 1980's and joined a running club in 1992 I ran a number of half marathons and with help of the running club completed the London Marathon in 1995. I am now 61 and just trying to get back into running to raise money for charity. My doctor says it is OK as long as I progress steadily. What I am saying is that in my case the heart murmur has not stopped me doing anything and if you try not to get anxious about it you may well feel better. Again this is how it has been with me but it is no guarantee that it is the same for everyone.

I wish you all the best and hope your condition improves and your stress level with it reduces.

Regards, laverdasf


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