Work - anxiety

Hey lovelies,

So after starting too take Sertraline for my anxiety I have had minor side effects - feeling very drowsy and very grumpy!

I haven't been back at work for 2 months now, and tomorrow is the day I'm supposed too be going back. But I'm so so nervous! It's a 20 minute drive, but I am only doing a 2 hour shift too get me back into the routine. I am so so scared tho especially driving there but I have no one too take me so I have too :(

I'm so nervous guys :(((((((


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2 Replies

  • What mg is your antidepressant I was prescribed this and afraid to take it because of side effects but I know I need to just bite the bullet and take it! Mine is 25 mg

  • Lots of luck, Elliemae. You can do it!!!

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