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Back problems

Hello please can someone give me some advice. I cannot walk at all at the moment. I have been like this for 2 days now. It feels as if its in my lower left hand side if the back by my buttocks. I cannot move on the one side at all. All my mucsles there are in spasm completely. Please can someone tell me if they have ever had something like this before and what do i do about it. Please help.

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I've had similar problems. Have you tried a heating pad? Putting it on for about 15 minutes 3 times a day should help relieve some of the stiffness and pain. Sometimes what seems logical isn't at all. This is where I tell you that if heat doesn't help, then sometimes coolness does. You can try putting cold on your sore back if heat doesn't agree with it. It depends on how your back got hurt, IF it's an injury and how long it's been since the injury. But you'll soon know if cold doesn't agree with it.

Sometimes I've even had a doctor tell me to alternate between hot and cold. So I think whatever your body says to do is the right thing at the time. Listening to your body can be very important. I wish you much success in getting your ability to walk back very soon.


You can also sit in a tub of hot water to help loosen the muscles. A Dr can prescribe muscle relaxants BUT you'll need to soften and stretch the muscles concerned on a regular basis. A physiotherapist should be able to assist with the correct stretches. A good masseuse might also be able to help.

Having said all that, seeing a GP in the first instance would be wise. If you personally can't get there, then a GP who does house calls would be great.

Best wishes.


Hi Lizbett i have been to a physiotherapist and it is after i saw her that i am unable to walk at all. She might have overstretched me while massaging me . I am honestly too scared to go back to her.


Can you call her and tell her how you're feeling? Depending on what she says, then going going back or not. I know how you're felling although my situation wasn't as severe. I would keep applying heat and use muscle relaxants from Dr for a short period. It will.get better with time.

I'll be thinking of you. Best wishes.


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