Can anxiety really cause chronic long lasting pain?

Hi everyone this is my first post on here, for the last 3-4 months Iv been experiencing terrible muscle pain which I'm in my neck, shoulders, upper back.. and now buttocks/hips/ upper legs area. It makes me fatagued. This is every day being worse in the mornings and evenings, I'm on citalapram, Iv seen a chiropractor and now seeing a physio and still no relieve, I try relaxing but nothing. Can anxiety really cause this chronic pain for so long


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4 Replies

  • I too also seem to suffer all sorts of aches & pains (left arm, shoulder, lower back) but most of all lower stomach aches, I'm not sure if it is IBS or related to anxiety or a bit of both. Would be interesting to see how many other people suffer these strange pains with anxiety.

  • Is it the anxiety that's causing it all, I know anxiety can cause pain but have you looked into other reasons for the pain like bad posture for example. Maybe the anxiety just makes it feel worse.

  • Thanks guys... Iv been very anxious about certain health concerns so I don't know if this is caused by anxiety or underlying problems but the pain is constant o do feel as if I'm all tensed up but can't seem to intense Iv tried breathing exercise ect, the pain is really getting me down. I wonder if it's Cronic anxiety.

  • Hi

    I too have had muscle pain in my left shoulder, upper back and around my shoulder blades for the last 3 months. I can't sleep because the pain wakes me up. I've been to the doctor who recommended physio. The physio said my muscles were really tight on my left side and has given me exercises. These aren't helping, I've changed my work station, got a back support, taken all sorts of pain relief but it won't go. I suffer health anxiety and am constantly worrying that this is something more than tight muscles

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