Bad day.....freaky

Having a bad episode today, hot flashes, shivers, internal cold and tingling feeling, panic in chest, very light headed, dizzy, feel wobbly inside, theres the dreaded rush going through my body, feel sick, god anxiety is just so cruel and so very very scary, sick to death of its debilitating nature!! No I'm going to be too scared to leave the house today due to.these symptoms!!


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  • Hi am also the same having panic attacks all day scared to ho out also think am going to die 24/7 its stuck in my head also my eyes water to and a need to sleep but scared to sleep

  • Hey maggie,

    Totally understand, hang in there, we're gonna be just fine, take alittle comfort from knowing other's are experiencing it too at this very moment, we won't die, xxx

  • Thanks ano its just hard always get a sore head in that makes me worse just scared all time n panic scared off doctors in case thay say something else is roung with me

  • Hang in there you are fine....we all have had these are not alone.....keep telling yourself that you are ok

  • Thankyou so much for your comforting words, means alot to me xx

  • Feeling sick and don't wanna leave the house today. Have to pop my sick note into work and feeling very panicked over taking it in.

    Together we will get there, right?

  • Thanks meens a lot sorry that yous are all going throutgth the same its just hard am that scared to go to doctors in case thay say something diffrent to me

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