Fuzzy Brain


Tonight I just cannot sleep because my brain feel so fuzzy. It just feels like there is a strange tremor in my head and my whole body but it is not making me shake, it just feels really strange.

Has anyone else had this?

I am really sad because I have just had a relapse of anxiety and was put on some beta blockers to help. They did but today I didn't take one because I was going out with my friends for a drink. I only had 3 cocktails and lots of food in a 4 hour period but now I am lying awake unable to think or sleep and worried that something bad is going to happen to me.


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  • That happens to me too. If the beta blocker helped then I would say it is anxiety most likely adrenaline. Don't worry too much try the neta blocker again if it helps rest assured it's anxiety even if it doesn't you may have severe anxiety and need a higher dose but dont change your dose without speaking to your doctor first.

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