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still have ongoing now 7years stomach issues and I'm sure it's just anxiety doctors have ran heart monitors when I was in high school due when I had fluttering but it has all came back ok but I still have feelings when I eat feels like my stomach ripped and I get scarred and go into panic mode so I don't eat no more I get full so fast, I can't burp normally I have to like always go to the washroom and open my throat flap? almost if it makes sense? I recent started to have a rotten feeling in my stomach and my breathing has bin slow and it just bugs me because I feel dizzy every day and right at night it gets bad ? and I usually have to take sleep pill or something to make me go to sleep because it gets so bad I get scarred I won't wake up ? it's so annoying I just want to be a normal kid I post lost my high school years to being at home all the time being sick :/ I'm a Tattooist and stay at home and draw u I just moved to edmonton and that's taking a huge tole does anyone els have feelings like I described? I just want to find someone who can relate with <3

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I understand! I've been battling stomach issues since June . Everyone in my family says I was always gassy and (tmi) always pooping 💩 But I still feel off and sometimes can't eat . The doctors say it's just me because they can't find anything wrong. But I got sick in June and had swollen lymph nodes in my small intestine. My GI doctor said it means nothing that it was viral or bacterial and I'm fine and that it's nonspecific . But I dwell on things and google didn't help me . It only messed with my mind . Google doesn't know more then my doctors. I'll be fine for a while and then bam ! I have acid reflux too .

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Sorry for the late reply !!! But keep in touch :)!


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