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So frustrated


Does anyone think if you've had heart attack/heart disease symptoms for over 3 months that it makes anxiety more likely to be the problem? I've had them on and off every day for months now but all my tests are normal!

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Yep I've had all symptoms of a heart attack for a few months now. Having blood test Tuesday but try to relax and rest when you can, I think mines stress and anxiety and depression related. Also contact your doctor for reassurance that's what I do

I've been to the doctor 5 times and the emergency room once all in the last 2 months. I had the blood tests, a bunch of EKGs and a stress echocardiogram! But every time I get a pain it still scares me! I try to tell myself if it was my heart it would've escalated to by now but I don't know!

Yeah I've been a few times to the hospital and had blood tests and ecg all came back fine then discharged me. No support or nothing hate it

I know! I've had health anxiety for a few years now. This is the first time going to the doctor hasn't reassured me.

Heart attacks are just that, attacks. The build up to them may be slow, through years of improper diet and exercise. But the actual attack will be impossible to miss.

Were you saying this is unlikely to be heart related?

I'm saying that heart attacks aren't suddle. They don't cause intermittent pains for three months. Anxiety does, and so does indigestion.

Get some tests done. X-Ray, EKG, Stress Test. If all those pass then you'll know you have some anxiety to start working on.

Yeah I had all those done at the emergency room along with the 4 EKGs done at the doctor's office before that.

I read one of your posts about health anxiety. It's eerily similar to me! In the last 2 years I've been convinced that I had pancreatic cancer, Lymphoma, MS, ALS, a brain tumor, colon cancer, kidney cancer, esophageal cancer and bone cancer. And it's highly likely that I left some out! So, like you, I try to tell myself I had NONE of those things!

My husband just reminded I left out sinus cancer and blood clots (multiple times I thought that one.) It's actually funny to me when I list them.

Have you had an angiogram ? I was rushed into hospital with severe chest pains a year ago I had an angiogram and it was all fine and no problems

So now I know that the fear has gone as that is the most thorough test you can have They gave me a spray to use if I get the pains and I don't worry anymore

It sounds very much like anxiety

Look at relaxation techniques You Tube videos Also Dr Claire Weekes books are a massive comfort

You must keep affirming to yourself your heart is fine that will help you

Just take one day at a time keep a diary that will help

Good luck

nickie420me in reply to Cat33

No, I haven't had an angiogram. They told me at the hospital after my stress test was normal that no further testing was needed. The ER doctor said he didn't feel it was cardiac even before the stress test but said "we'd" (he and I!) feel even more confident if I just did the test.

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