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Headaches ,head pressure,vertigo ,lightheadedness,weakness ,off balance feeling and nervousnes

For the 4 weeks now i have been experiencing some feelings in head ,pressure,vertigo,weakness,off balance,ear fullness ,feelings of nausea n some discomfort in my tummy diarrhea r vomitting though..not sure what it is ..doc says its anxiety but can anxiety cause all this and last this long ? Need some answers please anyone

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Yes yes yes, it causes all this , I have lots of these and the last couple days it has escalated and the more I hyper focus , the more I think I feel and anxiety kicks in. It's a terrible feeling and even a neurologist told me to stop , take my citalopram and enjoy life. I was doing that but then worry somehow sneaks in, I pray and ask God to take these things away, he helps me , but I have to let him help me. Prayers for you too.


Okay...DON'T LAUGH.....but, keep a watch on the weather. Barometric pressures can do a number on the "sensitive" brain, causing every single item you mentionef. BUT....there are meds that will counter attack that junk!

Okay, so story is...I suffer from unrelenting anxiety/Panic attacks! Thank God for a cocktail of Effexor & Mirtazapine!! My Dr. Saved my LIFE!!

Get this....I lived through all of that mess...for 12 yesrs...while building my career with one of the top 5 Banks in America! And, no! We did NOT take any Federal "bailout" money from the Govt!! We had been avoiding those Prime Plus mortgages for yeeears!! And we were called idiots for not taking the treasure chest of gold and dipping, dipping, dipping out of it! Now who's laughing?

But, I point was...I was able to pass the Series 7 exam, and was promoted to Senior V. P. over Wealth Management for the SouthEastern Region of our bank! All while suffering from the worst case of crippling Anxiety & Panic disorder you can imagine! How, you might ask? To avoid the illness...I worked almost non-stop!

I don't know what caused the anxiety nor where it came from....but, one day I reached the end of my rope! I went to a Psychiatrist....the M.D.

He saved my life!!! I went from severe panic attacks/anxiety disorder (90% of the time) to around 3% of the time!!!! He gets a Christmas Card from me...EVERY YEAR!!!!!

He's my Hero!!

So...hang in there, Mlaren! Take that horrible nervous energy and put it into something to better your life!

And PLEASE go see a Psy. M.D. asap!

Internists have NO CLUE about this types of medicine! The Psych Dr's are specifically trained for just this!

It was Very hard for me to pull that trigger and go. But, I am SO HAPPY I DID!!

Len G.

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Hi Miaren

Yes, all these symptoms are classic signs of anxiety, I get off balances, shakng hansd, diarrhoea, trembling, nervousness, fatigue, sleepy and more. I really have no idea how anxiety started, maybe it was too much work being burnout, maybe it was from the death of someone, maybe stress at home. I have had these symptoms for just about a year but i'm sure they built up a few years back now, keep strong and stay positive


I get all these at times but its odd and when I'm anxious its no big deal I know why I'm getting them but from months and months of being on edge I can get these feelings when I relatively calm. Must be some adrenaline sitting in the system still cuz i'll think "why am I light headed and feel weak I'm not even nervous." but then ill get distracted and it goes away so I then know its just sensitazaion.

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Yes, and yes. It could be other problems, of course, but I have had all of that from intense anxiety, so I think it is possible. Also very possible that it's side effects from psychiatric meds.


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