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My head feels like it's falling from an airplane


Idk if i explained myself good enough lol but my head at night time feels like im falling from an airplane well like im falling from a high place :( has anyone else felt like this? Is scary ass shit.

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too much wine? haha

Chache in reply to Cicinoodle


Could it be vertigo? I used to have it when I first woke up in the mornings. I was so dizzy, it used to make me ill

I had this for a few weeks it felt like I was falling and it would wake me up just as I was about to sleep your are right though it's scary shit

Chache in reply to Curtis33

Omg me too but now i experience it in the night time i hate it.

That symptom is listed on anxiety I have also experienced it.

Chache in reply to Aazz

Thank you very helpful ☺️

I get it every night unfortunately and it is horrible. I listen to sleep music and try concentrate on that. I also have vertigo which doesn't help so if I lay one way I get it really bad but if I lay another way it's not so bad.

It is horrible, i wish you have a great day today ;) thank you for responding.

In all seriousness, it is like a release of all your anxiety from the day. Some people twitch or jerk as they are falling asleep or get that feeling of falling. Try hard to relax more, breathe deep, old for count of 5 and blow out.

Don't worry, because that makes it all worse.


Chache in reply to Cicinoodle

Thank you so much that means a lot to me knowing im not alone. Have a bless day yourself 😌😌

I had the same feeling many times whemn I was 22 years old but with me it was the feeling of falling down steps and I would suddenly wake up in panic it will pass its definitely anxiety you probably have something on your mind that weighting on you. It will not last and try and relax more meditation helps or breathing exercises.

Chache in reply to Dodo777

Thank you so much ill deff try those :) it means a lot to me ☺️

I have it every so often. I had a brain tumor 10 years ago taken out of left side and ended up with seizures 3 years ago from scar tissue and high blood pressure. Also have severe anxiety which has gotten worse over time. I just figure it is part of my anxiety or my seizure disorder. I also had vertigo 2x about 2 years ago but that was corrected with exercises for it. But yes, never figured out the falling from the sky feeling just as I am about to fall asleep.

Yes but I get during the day as well :-( it scares me too

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