Am wondering if anyone out there have self-diagnosed yourself with an anxiety disorder? I have talked to people on here and other forums and I beleive 100% I have GAD, also I have done dozen's of 'online' self assessments and they have all shown a very high probability that this is the case. I know it not good for anxiety sufferers to google this and google that but I have no one else to talk to who actually understands what it feels like 24/7, any replies be much appreciated


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  • Why are you determined to self diagnose? You need to see a psychiatrist and probably get medicated. I have GAD and so does 1 of my sons. There's no way we could function without our benzos.

  • Yikes...

  • Yes, that's the hand we're dealt. No whining though.

  • Hi I am also suffer fr anxiety like you. I also googled my symptoms. Like if suddenly my teeth hitting together I intentionally hitting them for checking is anything wrong to teeth. After checking no satisfaction but panic raise more. And checking continue. I am only 24 years old. So don't worry there are many people like you like me. I am crying everyday and think if there is any gadget which can delete my thoughts.

  • Googling for a self diagnosis may be interesting and give you some information, which you can't necessarily trust , but why play around with the one and only you? I want to put myself into the hands of a trained and skilled physician who can prescribe and refer me to what I need, and hopefully see the whole picture. If I need to talk to an understanding person this forum fulfills that need very nicely . Online questionnaires give very generalized responses non specific to you. If you still can't resists googling at least cross reference your results. Stay safe, Pam

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