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So i get up monday mornin feelin abut crap sum pains in the chest. Go get ready for work get in car headin for work start feelin worse ring non emergency number explain wots happenin strong chest pains goin into my arm. Next thing i know ambulance on its way. They thought it was heart attack. Underwent some ecg's bloods chest xrays all came bk clear. C a few people then c the last doctor which realised that it was 2 do with my stomach pushin the food bk up the pipe and makin it sore and burnt. Now i gotta take tablets for this and b re-assessed in 6 weeks

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Sorry to read you had such a scare , I can only imagine how that might have played with your anxiety but good news that you heart is healthy that is one positive

I think a lot of anxiety sufferers seem to have some kind of digestion issues and what you have described I have heard of others having this problem but usually with the right meds it keeps it in check

Do make sure you eat regular , small meals are best and chewing well as well as taking your time when you are eating and if you can be as relaxed as possible no pressure about when you are eating this all helps :-)

Let us know how you get on when you go back for your check up

Take Care x

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