Stay strong

Second week of anti depressants. Things are still abit ropey i just want everyone too know how things will work out for us..

I started my first councelling session yesterday witch had a big impact on me already. So yesterday i had my first one to one session with a very helpful lady iv learned so much to clam me down in an anxiety attack/panic attack i really suggest this to everyone suffering from an anxiety dissorder.

Iv also down loaded apps from the app store to keep track of how im feeling out of 10 for example...

Morning: tierd dident sleep 4/10

Dinner time: cheered up after food went to the gym felt really good 9/10

Evening: had a bath cwtched in bed now feel relaxed 8/10

And so on hope this helps and keep track of your thoughts and feelings let people know your problems.

There is so muxlch support out there no one desurves to suffer alone x


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5 Replies

  • nathan022, you are doing all the right things. Therapy, good food, working out and relaxing bath.

    Now you just need to give your brain some time to readjust and heal. You did good! Continued good luck...

  • Thank you so much i appriciate the comment.

  • That's so nice to hear Nathan well done be proud of your self am happy for you take care x

  • Awh thank you and i hope your doing well x

  • Tbh I actually feel good in me self for once thankyou for asking xx

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