Taking day by day

Like iv said in my previous post iv been having a really hard time with anxiety latley this is the first day iv felt myself and feels like im back down to earth things will get better i promise you all iv had the worst 2 weeks of anxiety chest pains aches the lot and to top it all off i had a car crash yesterday no one was hurt but it is a big wake up call we all should appriciate what we have and love everyone i hope you all get well and feel better no one desurves to feel like this. There is light at the end of the tunnle belive in yourself


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2 Replies

  • Today was the day i had a huge wake up call as well my doctor told me i have too many things to be well for and thankful for. I hope you keep having this positive attitude, lets just not let this anxiety and these thoughts take the best of us. Best wishes 💛

  • Good im so glad to hear that keep your head up were all here for eatchother

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